Policies / FAQs


Why should I be concerned if an apple I bought at a grocery store has a wax coating?

While a wax coating may improve the appearance of an apple and provide a preserving effect, it seals in any residue - like dirt, insects and chemicals.  Wax coating makes it difficult to properly clean the apple. Applecrest apples will never have a wax coating.

Why does Applecrest chill their apples right after picking?

Chilling the apple immediately extends the shelf life.  If you can immediately chill an apple, it halts the ripening process and your apple will be natually preserved for a few extra weeks.

How long will my Applecrest apples keep?

If properly refrigerated, they will keep for a couple months.

Return Policy

At Apple Crest Farms we stand behind the quality of our apples.  If your apples do not arrive fresh or in good condition please contact us for replacement.