About Applecrest Farms

Applecrest Farms was founded in 1983 with the intent to grow the finest apples in Minnesota. We have worked closely with the University of Minnesota to help create the best tasting Minnesota apples. Today our orchard consists of about 1,200 trees including Honeycrisp, Honeygold, Haralson and Regent varieties.

Our orchard's size allows us to focus on the high quality of our apples. We use very minimal chemical pest control and rely on organic methods whenever possible. In the fall we pick every apple from the trees and pick up every apple off the ground. Not many orchards are this vigilant but this procedure rids our orchard of pests and helps us to deliver to you a better product.

In the cool Minnesota fall, we harvest our crop. Every apple is hand picked from our trees and hand packed. Never will our apples have a wax coating, which is a common preserving practice in the industry. Instead, we pick our apples on the weekend and cool them down which helps extend shelf life. We then express mail the gift boxes which allows your gift to arrive very fresh. We recommend you cool them upon arrival to keep them Minnesota crisp!